ECIS Training Schedule

October 3rd and 4th, 2013


Dear ECIS user,

Applied BioPhysics is offering a two day in depth ECIS training course. The course will include both lecture and  wet lab training. The training will take place at the Applied BioPhysics facility in Troy, NY. Training will be conducted by
Dr Ivar Giaever, Dr Charles Keese, Dr Christian Renken, Dr Judith Stolwijk, and Catherine Toniatti-Yanulavich.

Attendance will be limited to a maximum of 6 people.

Cost is $1,250 per person. This includes two nights of lodging, transportation to and from the hotel to the Applied BioPhysics facility, lunch on both days and dinner Thursday evening.

To register, please complete the following form and send to Wendy Ladouceur at 518-880-6860,, fax 518-880-6865 Download Form

Thank you.


ECIS-related topics to be covered include: 

  • -Experimental design and array selection
  • -Array preparation and stabilization
  • -Obtaining good well-to-well and experiment-to-experiment repeatability
  • -Applying extracellular matrix proteins to the electrodes
  • -Techniques for array inoculation
  • -Techniques for addition of compounds to ECIS wells
  • -Basics of the ECIS software for data acquisition
  • -Advanced features of the ECIS software for data acquisition
  • -Basics of the data analysis software
  • -Advanced features of the data analysis software
  • -Basics of impedance measurements
  • -Theory behind ECIS
  • -Simple and complex impedance and the value of R and C in cell measurements
  • -Selecting the AC frequency or frequencies for experiments
  • -Modeling ECIS data
  • -In situ electroporation
  • -Cell migration measurements with the ECIS “wound-healing” assay
  • -Cell migration measurements with the “electric fence”
  • -A survey of cell biology applications using ECIS
  • -Fluorescence staining of cells on the ECIS array

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